Build loyalty and revenue one fan at a time.

The LoyaltyMatch cloud offers the fastest and most cost-effective path to the development and delivery of a social loyalty program. With LoyaltyMatch you can easily manage and view details about all of your loyal fans and customers in one place, then use the social data to make informed decisions that will improve your business.

We help build amazing social loyalty solutions.

Social Media

Tweet. Post. Pin.

Location Based Services

Check-in. Beacons. Badges.

Customer Referrals

Friends. Colleagues. Followers.

We'll help you build social loyalty. One customer at a time.

Social Loyalty is non-conventional. It is community based, with a sense of collectiveness, and sharing. Not an attempt to buy customer loyalty. Yet a process that attracts, retains and grows your customer base.

We help accomplish social loyalty by:

  1. 1.Adding social fuel including:
    1. Social incentives: accumulate points, and/or relative to your friends
    2. Social interactions: let others meet up/converse, and you with them via community
    3. Social media word of mouth: By interacting with members on your website or mobile, you can see what your network is saying, creating a dialogue with them and inviting them to spend more.
  2. 2.Nurturing a tiered rewards system:
    1. Add tools to incorporate reward based incentives into a website, communities, retail and mobile environments to elevate engagement and spend.

We've helped our customers build amazing customer loyalty.

Clarins Paris
930 Club
Digital Currency Systems
PTC Points
McMenamins Crystal Ball Room
Connex Education

LoyaltyMatch. How We Do It.

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